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EWA for online sellers

EWA Choice


EWA is your door to the entire insurance market.

Integrating to EWA systems, sites and applications opens up access to the entire insurance market.

Price consolidators and comparison sites, payment systems, networks of terminals and other online platforms do not need to integrate with each insurance company, adjusting to the API of each insurer.

It's fairly easy to integrate with EWA to get insurance products from more than 50 insurers.


businessman touched API acronym word ico

Integrating systems have never been so easy before.

Public API allows you quickly integrate your website, portal or application to EWA.​

  • Selecting Insurance product

  • Tariff calculation and selecting

  • All necessary data references

  • Saving the policy, including electronic

  • Generate PDF, Printed Form

  • Sending EMail and SMS to the client

  • Sending data to the insurer and to other external Data Banks

  • And other

EWA Freedom

Image by Lukas Blazek

No need to send reports to insurers, day in day fulfill contracts in their systems or send a photo of the contract through Viber.

Do your favorite things. As for reporting to insurers, we will take care by ourselves.

EWA automatically reports online to insurers about all policies or by the schedule. Any policy signed with EWA, after a second, is imported into the insurer's accounting system.

Keep the focus on sales, IT interactions with insurers is our headache!


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Do not want to interact with insurers at all? Tired of constant negotiations, endless reporting and checks, knocking out your money? Would you like to receive the commission in full and instantly to your Wallet?

Welcome to Ewangelion - a city where all dreams come true!

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