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EWA for Insurers

Manage your users

технологическая схема

Tree-like structure of sales points network.


Create your sales network, add employees and agents, and give them access to insurance products. No restrictions on the number of sales points and users.

To connect a new agent network, you need only 20-30 minutes.

Calc & Print


EWA automatically calculates the tariff, checks the fulfilled data, saves and prints contracts, invoices, etc.

For electronic contracts, EWA sends a one-time password to the client and generates a link to verify the policy and offer.


According to all signed contracts EWA prepares all necessary reports taking into account the access rights: for the insurer and the agent.


businessman touched API acronym word ico

EWA is integrated with the MTIBU Data Bank uploading on-line data about all signed paper policies and issued electronic policies.

It's easy to integrate your accounting system with EWA as well. The exchange is done both through web services API and with data packages via FTP.

Hundreds of companies have already integrated their systems with EWA.

Easy connection of your own site or partner site through the API of our web services: tariff calculation and policy saving, sending SMS and EMail to clients, reminders about the expiration of the policy, etc.



Customize any insurance product with simple and flexible wizards without any expensive coding.

Data entry fields, validation and restrictions, calculation and printing, now you can customize it yourself!

Create unique tariffs for partners, specify agent commission fee, EWA will calculate everything.

All types of insurance products!

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