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EWA is an insurance SaaS platform. From one side, insurers are connected to EWA configuring their insurance products with the help of wizards. From the other side, thousands of intermediaries are connected to EWA as well: banks, agents, brokers, comparison sites, networks of terminal, etc.

EWA provides easy and quick interaction between insurers and intermediaries: partnering, setting up insurance products, providing access to them, reporting, and integration with their own accounting systems via powerful API.

Insurers can use EWA to sell insurance products by their own employees and agents as well.

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EWA is a software as a service platform (SaaS).

It means that we undertake all the efforts to develop, maintain and upgrade the software product, maintain network and hardware capabilities at the Data Center.

EWA is located in the most trusted computing centers in the world. This ensures a high level of service availability and security, multiple data backing up, and data protection from penetration of "third parties".

24/7/365 is a new formula of reliability for the insurance market.


EWA isn't for sale, leasing out or domestic installation on insurer's or intermediary's servers.


EWA is one for the entire insurance market.

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Yes, EWA has all needed and beloved by users interfaces. EWA has a web version for desktops and laptops; EWA has mobile apps for tablets and smartphones.


Your agents will be truly mobile, they will be able to sign a contract with a client even in a region with a weak mobile Internet.

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