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EWA for Intermediaries 

Single Window

EWA страховой маркетплейс

EWA is your Single Window to work with all insurance products of all insurers - your partners. Combine your employees and agents!

With EWA you you do not need to work in dozens of web interfaces of partner insurers. No need to spend time and money on training personnel to work in legacy systems.

By the way, the cost of insurance products from different insurers can be compared using the EWA Calculator module.

Try it! Your employees will never want to work otherwise.

Single Report

Данные на Touch Pad

Get consolidated reports!

EWA provides sales reports by end-sellers, by points of sale, by insurance products, and insurers. For any period. It is no longer necessary to manually aggregate sales reports for each insurer.

All reports are generated taking into account access rights: the specialist sees only his sales, the head of the sales point - all policies signed by the sales point, etc.

EWA automatically reports on sales to insurers online or according to the schedule (once per hour, day, week).

All Products

Insurance concept. Businessman with butt

All insurance products of all needed insurers, all in one system.

All the ingredients to serve your customers in the best possible way.

All Free

Image by Micheile Henderson

Yes, EWA is absolutely free for intermediaries. We are paid by the owners of insurance products - insurers.


Best software for free. Forever.

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