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EWA Prices

EWA Simple

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For all intermediaries EWA is completely free. It's really simple.

Insurers pay royalty for the use of the service in the form of % of the cost of each policy sold with EWA.

No additional payments: no license fees, no support payments.

Your costs grow transparently as grows your platform use.


Operating expenses instead of capital expenditures - it's amazing.


It's your freedom!

EWA Honest

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We consider it fair to distribute all EWA maintaining costs among all EWA users. Using a transaction model, each client pays and contributes to the development of the system exactly as much as it is useful to them.


Instead of a fixed fee for each policy, we propose to pay % of its cost. In this way, we give the same conditions for the sale of products of different price categories. For example, for products sold in the regions, as well as for various "box products" and "products for the rest", the royalty load will be the same as for expensive products.


We want to sell all insurance policies, regardless of their price, having equal opportunities.

EWA Tasty

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In order to have a software platform that meets your needs today, you do not have to buy or develop expensive IT solutions at all.

Choosing EWA, you pay only for actually signed contracts.


Save your money!

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