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EWA for Banks

Single Window

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All insurance products of all accredited insurers in the EWA's single interface.

With the help of EWA, bancassurance projects instantly go to the profitable zone. There is no need to implement the software of each of the accredited insurers, to train staff to work with it. Insurers set up new products in EWA in a matter of minutes.

Consolidated instant reporting provides all the necessary tools for managing sales.


More than 15 thousand employees of banks appreciated the convenience and speed of work with EWA.


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Simple and fast docking with automated banking system (ABS):

  • Request for customer data to ABS

  • Generating a payment invoice in the ABS

  • Receive information about the fact of payment from ABS

  • Automatic splitting of insurance payment

  • Export contracts to ABS

And much more, including integration with Active Directory.

EWA Banking


Ready to use module to integrate insurance contracts sales to your banking: web and mobile.

  • Choice of insurance products

  • Calculation and comparison of all insurers offers

  • Saving the contract, including electronic policy

  • Sending SMS and Email to the client with the policy data

  • Automatic reporting to the insurer

There is no need to integrate with each insurer to sell electronic policies. You merely need to integrate with EWA to gain access to the entire insurance market.

All is simple, you just want to.

EWA Motivation

Ladder career path for business growth s

While working with EWA, as in the "Single Insurance Window", the Bank staff could see all its sales, could compare plan with fact.

Also, we've developed a motivation module. For every sale a user receives incentives in cash or in the form of scores. At the same time, we have added different ways to stimulate sales in gameplayed form.

EWA can boost sales without coercion.

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