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We help to develop your insurance business

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EWA Reliable Partner
  • EWA's share on electronic insurance market in UA is about 21%

  • In UA, RU, KZ about 200K insurance policies are monthly set up with EWA

Insurance marketplace #1 in Ukraine

EWA is chosen by small, medium, and large insurers, banks and intermediaries

Super fast

Service response time

is ~0.25 sec

Simple integration

API to integrate with any external system

Insurance products wizards

Create your products without programming

Handy interfaces

Web and mobile. Even your mom would love it!

Electronic policy

OSAGO, DGO, Tourism, KASKO, Green card etc.


Several security layers,
all data is encrypted

Insurance automation technologies

Insurers and intermediaries now could work in a single space with the help of EWA. More →

More than a decade ago, our team set a goal - to create an outstanding front-end system for insurance companies and intermediaries. We wanted to give the market an opportunity to work efficiently: to reduce costs, speed up business processes simplifying them.

We went through a long way of trials and mistakes. This experience allowed us to create this awesome service the EWA is.

EWA is a fast, convenient and clear interface for setting up and selling insurance products with ease.

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